Car Locksmith Plantation

Here at First Choice Car Locksmith Plantation we take great pride in being the best in the business. Our automotive technicians are nothing less but the best. First Choice technicians go through 12-week training sessions before they can even call themselves automotive professionals. That is because we are not just some ordinary locksmith. We can remake any key for any make and models. Yes, even those high-end Mercedes and BMW keys. We have invested in the latest and most expensive computers systems.

Car keys are not as simple as they were in the past. Now a day’s car keys have high security transponder chips inserted in them. For your car to be able to start, the chip must be programmed to the car’s computers. This involves hooking up the latest computer programming software to the vehicle. Don’t worry no matter what the issues is First Choice Car Locksmith Plantation is here to help you.

Car Lockout Service in Plantation

Waking up for work and getting to the car and you noticed the keys are locked in there. This happens to millions of people every year in the United States. Don’t worry there is a simple solution to this problem. Call First Choice Locksmith and we will be able help you unlock your car within 20 minutes. Call First Choice Locksmith today at (954) 951-9628 for all your car locksmith Plantation needs.

Transponder Key Programming

We spoke briefly about programming your car keys. Now a days when you lose your car key its not as simple as just cutting a key. Yes, the first step will be to obtain a key code from the dealer and cut the key. The next step gets a bit more complicated. We need to hook up our computer to your car’s computers. This will send us a signal on how to program the new key. Sometimes its as simple of twisting the key a few times. But sometimes we are required to reflash the entire computer system. This is a bit more complicated. Fear not we will be able to do this for you without any issues. Call First Choice Locksmith today at (954) 951-9628 for all your transport programming needs in Plantation.

Replacing Lost Car Keys

Losing car keys can be a pain in the butt. Not being able to start your car and go somewhere is never fun. When this occurs, there is only one company that can get you back on the road in no time. Call First Choice Locksmith today and we will make it happen. One of our mobile car locksmith Plantation units will be sent out to make a new car key. Most of our car replacement services happen within 30 minutes of being on site. Yes, that means no need to tow your car to the dealer. We bring the dealership and equipment right to the car. Call First Choice Locksmith today at (954) 526-8945.

Car Ignition Repair & Service

It is becoming a big issue with older cars with the ignition not turning. The cause of this is because the tumblers go bad in the ignitions. The easy fix would be replacing the ignition, but the cost is much higher. What we do at First Choice is take out the older ignitions and just lube the pins and they are like new again. Call First Choice locksmith today and have your ignition fixed asap. We are available day or night at (954) 526-8945. We are open 24/7 for all your car locksmith needs.

Don’t forget First Choice Locksmith also service residential and commercial locksmith services.

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