Changing House Lock When Moving into a New Home

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Lock Change Plantation

Welcome to Plantation Florida. The home of one of the safest communities in the United States. When purchasing a home, we hope you went with a local Plantation Realtor. Once purchasing a home after closing many people become excited and forget the important things. Instead of rushing to the furniture store of to Home Deport or Lowes. Makes sure you call First Choice Locksmith to get your locks changed. The last thing you want, or need is the old owner having access to your home.

There are many options to changing out your locks. First Choice Locksmith can determine if its better to change the locks or just rekey them. When we rekey the locks, we keep the old locks and just change the pins inside of them. What that does it will not allow the old keys to work. You will have a set of new keys. If we see that your locks are not secure or just old, we will recommend replacing the locks. Either way First Choice Locksmith will be able to help you replace your locks.

New Locks in Plantation FL

We will recommend some of the best locks in the industry if we decide to change them. Some of the most common locks that we would recommend are Medeco or Kwikset locks. We will see what the best match for your home and security is.

First Choice Locksmith loves all our new residents. And for that reason, we offer FREE no obligation estimates.  We provide all locksmith services including car and commercial locksmith services. Call First Choice Locksmith today and you will glad you did. Serving Plantation since 2001. Remember we are also open 24/7 for all your emergency needs in Plantation. Hope to hear from you soon regarding changing your locks in Plantation.

lock change plantation